The VW Jetta

VS Mazda Mazda3

Compare the VW Jetta to the Mazda Mazda3

If you are looking for a car and can't decide between the VW Jetta S and Mazda Mazda3, look no further than Hudson Valley Volkswagen. The numbers don't lie but once behind the wheel of a VW, you'll never take another look at the competition.

VW Jetta Mazda Mazda3
MSRP $19,545 $21,500
Fuel Economy 30/40 MPG 24/36 MPG
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Which is better VW Jetta or Mazda Mazda3?

When comparing the VW Jetta to the Mazda Mazda3 the VW comes out on top with a smaller engine giving it better fuel economy!

Is the VW Jetta worth the money?

We say "of course" but you really need to see so for yourself. Schedule a test drive of the class-leading VW Jetta at Hudson Valley Volkswagen today and be prepared to fall in love.

How much is a Volkswagen Jetta for month?

Some models of the Jetta lease at around $156* per month. This of course depends on the options, down payment, and other fee's associated with the purchase of your new Jetta. Check out our current lease specials or give us a call to discuss leasing options for your new Volkswagen Jetta.

* see this months Jetta lease special for pricing details