The VW Atlas

VS Atlas Cross Sport

Compare the VW Atlas to the Atlas Cross Sport

If you are looking for a car and can't decide between the VW Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport, look no further than Hudson Valley Volkswagen. We'll help you choose the perfect VW SUV for you and your family with our amazing VW Sales Team and great deals.

VW Atlas Atlas Cross Sport
MSRP $32,565 $31,565
Wheel Base 117.3" 117.3"
Passengers 7 5
Trunk Space 40.3 ft3 25.3 ft3

What is the difference between the Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport?

The main difference between the VW Atlas and the Atlas Cross Sport is that the Cross Sport features an elegantly sloping roof line giving the Atlas a more sporting aesthetic. The sloping roof line is a trade-off for less room in the Cross Sport with the elimination of the third row resulting in a slightly smaller trunk space than the Atlas (although still more than most competitors.

Is the Atlas Cross Sport smaller than the Atlas?

Both the Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport share the same 117.3" wheel base. The difference however is in the number of passengers and rear trunk space due to the sloping roof line of the Cross Sport.

Should I buy a VW Atlas or Atlas Cross Sport?

Choosing between the two comes down to personal preference and in most cases, family size. With seating for 7 in the Atlas, you can't go wrong for your growing family. But for those empty-nesters or young couples who want a larger SUV, but something a bit more sportier, the Atlas Cross Sport might be the right choice for you.